I've served as a singer, player, writer, and/or music director for three critically acclaimed and commercially successful bands, recorded a half dozen albums, and even racked up some fancy awards along the way. But the accomplishment I hold most dear lies in having had the pleasure of teaching harmony to musicians of all levels for over 35 years.

At the internationally renowned program The School for Music Vocations, I taught Jazz Piano, Jazz Voice, Vocal Arranging, Music Theory, Ear Training, Choral Conducting, Music Fundamentals, and also served as director of Vocal Jazz and Chamber Ensembles. Whatever it is you seek to learn about music, I feel confident I can assist you.

In choosing a music teacher, I encourage you to ask yourself two important questions:

  • Do I find the work created by this artist appealing and of high quality?   RECORDINGS
  • Am I convinced that he/she can bestow upon me the tools I need to create art of my own?   INSTRUCTION